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Inge F. de Wolf


Inspectorate of Education

PO Box 2730, 3500 GS Utrecht

M: +31(0)627743674


Maastricht University

PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht


@inge_dewolf (twitter), Inge de Wolf (linkedin)


born Alkmaar, the Netherlands, July 30th, 1970



Current positions:


Strategic Inspector: academic workplace Education Quality, strategic issues and innovation. Inspectorate of Education (since 2019).


Professor Education Systems, Maastricht University (since 2014). Initiator and director of the ´Academische Werkplaats Onderwijskwaliteit´, a research network of Maastricht University, the Inspectorate of Education and several teachers and other professionals in education (with prof. dr. L. Borghans).



Other activities:


Consultant Worldbank: a Roadmap to Teachers' Policy Development and Reform in Bulgaria (2020), Case study for Growing United: upgrading Europe's converge machine (2017-2018), Worldbank project Bulgaria RAS on Education (2016-2017)

Consultant OECD: country review Abu Dhabi (2019), Keynote Equity in Korea (Seoul, 2018), project 'Transforming schools into learning organisations´ (2015-2016)

Chair of the VIDE Academic Network Supervision (since 2013).


Guest lecturer Nyenrode University (since 2019)

Guest lecturer at the Netherlands School of Public Administration (NSOB), The Hague (since 2012)




Previous positions:


Chief editor & program manager ´State of Education´,  Inspectorate of Education, 2011-2019.

Researcher at the Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research (TIER), Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Amsterdam (since 2008).


Visiting scholar at the Center for Education Policy Analysis (CEPA), School of Education, Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA, 2011.


Team leader Research & Development, Inspectorate of Education, Utrecht, 2006-2011.


Inspector, Inspectorate of Education, Utrecht, 2003-2005.


Senior researcher, Inspectorate of Education, Utrecht, 2000-2003.


Research coordinator ‘Arbeidsmarktmonitor’, a large scale research project on the transition of university graduates to the labour market, Utrecht University, Utrecht, 1997.


Researcher, Economic Department, Provincial Government of North-Holland, Haarlem, 1992-1993.





PhD Sociology, Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS), Utrecht University, 2000. Promotors: prof. F. Tazelaar and prof. H.B.G. Ganzeboom. Thesis: opleidingsspecialisatie en arbeidsmarktsucces van sociale wetenschappers.


MSc Political Science, University of Amsterdam, 1993.



Fields of research:


Education systems, evaluation methods, school quality, school careers, teachers, value added measures, accountability systems, policy evaluation



PhD supervision:


Magnee, Cecile (2020) Playing the hand that you're dealt. Maastricht University, promotor.

Vermeulen, Stan (2019) Hot for teacher. Maastrict University, promotor.

Timmermans, Anneke (2012) Value added in educational accountability: Possible, fair and useful? Groningen University, co-promotor.


Ehren, Melanie (2006) Toezicht en Schoolverbetering. University of Twente, daily supervisor.



Most relevant lectures:


Van risicogericht naar reflectief toezicht? Lecture at the Netherlands School of Public Administration (NSOB), The Hague, Oct 2016 (also Nov 2012 / Dec 2013 / Nov 2014  and Nov 2015).


Invited speaker (plenary panel), Evaluative knowledge and knowledge from the disciplines: What works best when addressing urgent societal problems. 12th Biennial Conference of the European Evaluation Society (EES), Maastricht, Sept 2016.


Oplopende ongelijkheid in het onderwijs. Reeks lezingen voor leraren, schoolleiders, bestuurders en beleid, onder andere bij gemeente Utrecht, Stichting Bijzonderwijs & Stichting Verus, Sept 2016.


De Staat van het Onderwijs: oplopende ongelijkheid in het Nederlands onderwijs, KNAW Hendrik Muller Zomerseminar, Amsterdam, July 2016.


Oplopende ongelijkheid in het Nederlands onderwijs; de onderzoeksresultaten. ISOL-bijeenkomst Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, June 2016.


Onderwijstoezicht. Guest lecture Groningen University, Groningen, March 2015, 2016.


Onderwijstoezicht en de Staat van het Onderwijs. Guest lecture University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, March 2016.


Economics and sociology of education. Guest lecture Maastricht University, Maastricht, Dec. 2016.


Pak een hamer en doe mee! Onderzoek naar het onderwijssysteem in de Academische Werkplaats Onderwijs. Inaugural lecture, Maastricht University, Maastricht, Oct. 2014.


Like or Block. Lecture and workshop at the annual conference of VIDE, the Dutch association of supervisors, inspectors and evaluators, The Hague, June 2013.


Het onderwijsverslag en stelseltoezicht. Guest lecture Tilburg University, Tilburg, November 2012.


Field experiments in education; two Dutch examples and some lessons for RTC´s on schools. Seminar American Institutes for Research (AIR), San Mateo, USA, June 2011.


School inspections and school accountability in the Netherlands, CEPA-seminar, School of Education, Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA, April 2011.


Effecten van intern toezicht, lecture Vereniging Toezichthouders in het Onderwijs (VTOI), Utrecht, November 2010.


Evaluatie risicogericht onderwijstoezicht. Guest lecture University of Groningen, Groningen, February 2010.


Effecten van toezicht. Guest lecture Tilburg University, Tilburg, February 2010.


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